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Medical malpractice in San Diego, California

Medical Malpractice Attorney - San Diego, California

How Medical Malpractice Attorney Ken Sigelman Can Help

Ken Sigelman is a medical doctor and skilled medical malpractice attorney in San Diego, California that can help you receive compensation when your legal rights are violated. Medical malpractice law is intended to protect victims who sustain injuries because of mistakes made by their physicians or other healthcare providers. Compensation for personal injury and medical malpractice cases in California may be awarded for medical expenses, as well as for immaterial costs such as pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has been a medical malpractice victim, Ken Sigelman can help you exercise your legal right to compensation. Because Ken is both a physician and a lawyer, he understands the intricacies of medical malpractice cases better than almost anyone. Please contact medical malpractice attorney Ken Sigelman in San Diego, California to learn more about your rights as a victim of medical malpractice or personal injury.

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Medical Malpractice

Consult with medical malpractice attorney Kenneth Sigelman in San Diego, California if you have been the victim of medical malpractice or negligence. You have legal rights, including the right to compensation. Medical malpractice injuries often constitute a sort of betrayal. There is a tacit understanding between doctors and patients that the law recognizes. Patients and their families place their trust and even their lives in the hands of medical professionals. As a result, doctors have a special responsibility to ensure their patients' safety. When doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals cause harm to patients because of mistakes, poor judgment, or negligence, they are violating the law. Some patients do not realize that they have legal rights that cannot be absolved by a signing a medical release form or any other type of document. Medical malpractice law expects reasonable care to be issued by physicians, and it holds them responsible when their actions cause injury to the people under their care. With both legal and medical backgrounds, Ken Sigelman is a medical malpractice attorney in San Diego, California who is highly capable of finding the most important aspects of your case and presenting those aspects in a decisive manner to recover just compensation.

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Brain Injury

Ken Sigelman's medical background makes him an excellent brain injury lawyer in California. A brain injury is one of the most serious injuries that can result from an accident. Assessing the extent of a brain injury and its debilitating effects can be difficult. As an expert brain injury lawyer in San Diego, California, Dr. Sigelman can help sort out the complicated and intertwined legal and medical issues surrounding a brain injury. Though some brain injury cases can be mild, such as some concussions or contusions, many brain injury cases are more serious, such as comas and some forms of hematoma. Treatment for a brain injury can be expensive and the recovery process lengthy, so it is important for any brain injury victim to secure competent representation. Kenneth Sigelman is a brain injury attorney in San Diego, California who is expertly skilled to review and represent your brain injury case.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is most often caused by a severe impact to the head, and it can result in lasting physical and mental problems. Emotional trauma often affects both brain injury victims and their loved ones. Because traumatic brain injuries are most often caused by accidents, they are often the fault of someone other than the victim. Automobile accidents are the most common cause of TBI. Other causes include falls, violence, and sports injuries. While people with minor head injuries often make full recoveries, people with severe traumatic brain injuries often face permanent disability or death. Many TBI patients require long-term rehabilitation beyond their initial medical care. Some may never be able to work again. As a result, many TBI victims and their families find themselves facing tremendous financial obstacles. Our firm is committed to helping victims of traumatic brain injury receive compensation so that they can focus on healing. Kenneth Sigelman, brain injury attorney in California, will carefully investigate and present your brain injury case to secure fair compensation. We will fight for you with tenacity and with compassion. Please contact our brain injury lawyer in San Diego today.

Birth Injury

Birth trauma refers to a collection of injuries that can occur just before, during, or immediately following birth. Birth trauma injuries include cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, shoulder dystocia, and brain damage. Birth trauma can occur when the flow of blood (and thus of oxygen) is inhibited during birth. When this occurs, the attending physician must act quickly to prevent permanent injury. Special techniques or caesarian may be necessary. When the physician fails to act appropriately during a birth trauma situation, he or she may be guilty of medical malpractice. Because the results of birth trauma injuries are often devastating to families both emotionally and financially, the law seeks to protect victims. If your child has been the victim of a birth trauma injury, we can help. Our medical malpractice attorneys have advanced medical as well as legal training that may help you in your case. Click here to visit our Birth Injury Information site.

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Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is by far one of life's most difficult experiences, and when that death came about because of someone's negligent or wrongful behavior, pain is often redoubled. Cases of wrongful death are especially tragic when a health care professional, someone explicitly designated to help a person with their health, negligently causes a person's death. A drunk driver who kills a pedestrian, a surgeon whose negligence costs a patient her life, a manufacturer whose failure to check his product's safety leads to a consumer death - these are some examples of wrongful death cases. Wrongful death lawyer in San Diego, California, Ken Sigelman can help you if a wrongful death has hurt your family. If you have lost a loved one due to the fault of another person or group, a wrongful death attorney at our California firm can help you receive compensation. Please contact us today.

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Kenneth Sigelman is a medical malpractice attorney in San Diego, California with the unique perspective of a medical doctor. Thus, Dr. Sigelman is a premier medical malpractice and brain injury lawyer in San Diego. If you need a medical malpractice or brain injury attorney in San Diego, California, contact us today.

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